Friday, April 8, 2011

SARAWAK STATE ELECTIONS | N 62 Lambir - Zulhaidah's blog hacked

...UPDATE... has now been rediverted to Facebook while the old site has been obliterated. Shut out. Hopefully the cumulative data is not destroyed.

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Hacked !!!

First Election cyber casualty. PKR Candidate ZOLHAIDAH BINTI SUBOH, N 62, Lambir. Her site has been hacked. Looks more like UMNO cybertrooper boys handiwork

Zulhaidah has strong repute from among her ranks in PKR Miri and Sarawak and this attack, affirms it. It's a symptom of panic in PBB. She could not be in the good books of Bintulu Lumber Development (BLD) Group, which has problems with Rh Ranggong ak Jenau in Ulu Niah Miri.


By the Penyamun's, Sarawak Headhunter, forecast Zulhaida should pull through:

N062: LAMBIR: SARAWAK: 14,144
1. Ripin b Lamat (BN)
2. Zolhaidah bti Suboh (PKR)
3. Johari b Bujang (SNAP)

Incumbent: Datuk Aidan Wing (BN-PBB)
Votes obtained: 4,331
Majority: 2,834
Malay/Melanau: 37.26%, Chinese: 26.48%, Iban: 31.19%, Bidayuh: 1.46%, Orang Ulu: 3.56%, Others: 0.06%


Just 8 % or 16 ladies vie for DUN, compared to 197 dungu men!

Jadual 3 : Bilangan calon bertanding mengikut jantina ( Gender, no. of contenders)

LELAKI (Gents) - 197 WANITA (Ladies) - 16

Mining for info amongst Government sites, like this "" is terrible. They're badly designed, navigation is crazy, speed crawls, they seem lost in direction or even had good sense of the educational value of the data they keep off from the rakyat.

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