Friday, April 27, 2012

@Bersih 3.0 | Dear Tunku Aziz ! Jangan mudah lupa!

Tunku Aziz, DAP Senator

Dear Tunku Aziz,

The system says you're a Senator! A Law Maker!

"The Police is the Legal Authority!" Those are your very words!

Many Malaysians still remember that the DAP leaders who invited you to be amongst them were thrown in Kamunting by the same Legal Authority.

Do you remember what for? Jangan mudah lupa, Tunku!

The Election Chief has just confessed he is/was an UMNO member. Do you remember?

I believe DAP don't stand for that cause. Like the Election Chief, shouldn't you be gracious in all your regality to quit before the party that honors you sinks into utter disrepute?

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