Wednesday, April 25, 2012

@OCCUPY Dataran Merdeka | Will Malaysians "reOCCUPY" Malaysia?

OCCUPY Dataran Mereka had begun in the dissatisfaction of students who felt and still very strongly on how higher education has been funded. If loan  interests and repayment were not enough headaches there's the growing unemployment with official suspect figures that have compounded the problem. In addition there's pervasive rationalization of ethnic policies declared to aid the purported disenfranchised plus other measures in repressive manner and intent in colleges and universities regulated by Law but which now have been repealed.

Why aren't students overjoyed if the Laws have been repealed? Well, the bigger part of the problems is in finances and unemployment, primarily because of they're very related issues. If they're lucky to get a job, mobility and transport will eat away what little is left for debt payments. Unemployed students won't gripe if mounting housedhold debts do not add to the situation.

Space. Isn't there plenty here and beyond?

The students and their griping have now discerned greater spaces that are really fingerpointing the ills of the country : bad governance, authoritaranism, corruption and unaccountability. And the media, despite the Internet is closely fingered by the government. So much so Zunar still could not predict winners of the World Cup.

Wouldn't they have that sense there's no reasonable control on their lives? Children, parents, the households and the City of Kuala Lumpur are feeling it all. Don't forget the country.

Lives are determined by circumstances where people have no meaningful participation and contribution in finding solutions. It's somebody else's decision and interests. The Malaysian Government is occupying citizens' lives ...and mind, considering the fruitless religious controversies and highhanded actions of Johore Education Officers and public servants in abusing public goods and services.

DBKL shouldn't sell spaces they don't own

Now students have regained that and they're not only occupying the physical space at Dataran Merdeka or Independence Square - they're regaining a sense of independence and responsibility.

On 28 April 2012 all these will come to a fruition when independence spaces of students and citizens will be filled with an expression to invite one and all to participate and rehash what was once not theirs to even consider. It will be an occasion for everyone, the Government of the day included, to find a new will to clear major obstacles in the path to real independence ... at Dataran Meredeka or Independence Square...or Freedom Square

Much change can make big bucks

Why should there be trouble on 28 April? There should be excitement; which would make citizens more productive and innovative.

Those have been declared by the BN government to the world. Am not sure if the people of Lubok Antu near the border of Indonesia heard it. You shouldn't underestimate the Government. They too have vision and want progress advancement and a great itch to lead the world into rapprochement and clear the path for the declared Gobal Middle Ground.

We could have all that if they would look into Bersih 3.0's grouses! Again!

For Saturday 28 April citizens can understand what past fears were and beyond that there'll  be appreciation and understanding and hence on to some new will and "OCCUPY" Malaysia if in greater democracy higher hopes can fly.

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