Monday, April 23, 2012

@OCCUPY Dataran Merdeka | No threat says Minister but no reason given for arrests

UPDATE LATEST 23 Mar, Security Issue:
Police reject Bersih’s Dataran Merdeka as Venue

2 Occupiers Arrested at Dataran Merdeka,
22 April 2012, 8:00am

The Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, says:

“... the ministry’s initial monitoring indicated that the Bersih assembly did not require excessive presence of the police, such as Federal Reserve Unit (FRU), as the rally was not a security threat.” - TBP

He should not have stretched himself so hard for that. The only problem is the Police(PDRM). They arrested Occupiers for vague reasons best known to themselves. Save your breath. You can't tell a Malaysian Government Minister to talk simple or they'll bite their tongues.

Friend told me it was not to embarras the Agong...whatever that means. MPs have been trying to tell the country in and out of Parliament and it made no sense to the Government that we are in financial trouble and public goods are not reaching the populace but only Minister's mistresses and more than 77 virgins in Virgin Island where associate and subsidiary companies of NFC have accounts. There are more serious instances of corruption such as the PKFZ and Scorpene scandals from which public funds could have been allocated for the Occupiers education that they are now highlighting to the Public and all. Of course the Agong will accidentally hear about this. But the BN Government is in fact saying he shouldn't otherwise he'll be embarrased.

The Occupiers want reforms which could only be delivered via good and accountable rules in this forthcoming General Elections that Bersih 3.0 is laboring for to enable voters to decide "consciously and conscientiously" (no ballet, drugs or sex please, we're Malaysians). The outcome of course will in all Malaysians' democratic endeavor posthumously honor the Agong and all our ideas of what's decent for Malaysia.

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