Tuesday, April 24, 2012

@OCCUPY Dataran Merdeka | Official Government Thuggery | DBKL Officers gone berserk !

Under ordinary specific circumstances you can make a citizen's arrest to prevent loss/damage to property public or private or perhaps preempt a crime.

In organized society where public officials are bestowed clear definite powers to act they will have the full protection of the Law which of course is sanctioned by Parliament. Different than an ordinary citizen, a public institution is organized bureaucracy where instruments of service are enormous by duly and legally sanctioned actions and procedures.

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DBKL Enforcement Officers in so-called carrying out their duties against the Occupiers at Dataran Merdeka have gone nuts. Bersek! Those are peaceful peaceful protesters suing for greater freedom in a civilized manner via reasoning and persuasion. There is no boundary for political space and more so in the most civilized part of the country, the Capital of Malaysia, the uppermost of our urbanity. The thugs got away. The victims got penalized!

What's most irksome is the fact that DBKL Officers stepped off their bounds of duty and arrested the persons of the demonstrators. The Police didn't, they couldn't as they had seemed to merge with the brickworks.

Unless duly conferred by an act of Parliament or a statute, no DBKL personnel should arrest a citizen. They can confiscate property deemed inapproprite ...they cannot confiscate citizens, people, human beings.

The Occuupiers could take legal action in this. They could sue the pants off the atrocious DBKL officers.

If most of the Occupiers are students they could learn the living now. They could later live the learning.

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