Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biggest event since Merdeka: Permatang Pauh - laying past spirits to rest

Weather forecasts for Penang and Permatang Pauh area

Are Malaysians haunted by their Dear Departed?

In Sarawak the spirits of past Dayaks and Malays could be haunting their political leaders as greed overcame good sense.

In Permatang Pauh, the ghost of Altantuya, the murdered Mongolian and alleged lover of Najib Razak, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, would not rest in peace. Tried as he might Najib could not invoke peace on her spirit as he SWORE and DENIED any knowledge of her.

It's now 3 days to D-Day for Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar Ibrahim, 3 days for change to ruote out bad governance and propose to Malaysians a future they can all share, a future not just for the Tuans of Tuns, Tan Sris and Datuks and some beholden royals. It will be the start of a future of another 50 years. There will be no promise of a good life---there will be a promise to determine shared hopes and ideals that will lead on to a shared earned good life.

On Tuesday night, August 26, 2008, thunder may herald a new beginning as heavy clouds hover over Penang and Permatang Pauh but lest the revellors be struck down by lightning, all the participants of the by election would perhaps like to remember in modesty humility the challenges and monumental tasks ahead.

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