Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Duck ! Oops! Sorry Doc!

There is a high level of stress in Malaysian life. It cannot and should not be compared to the situation in the Middle East where, in addition to bombs and drones shoes flew.

Where many things flew in the Middle East many things fly too in Malaysia. Tempers here are very fragile - less so than bones. At the New Era College recently, fists flew and bones broke bones, cheek bones actually. In a country where public confidence in the system is at its hostorical lowest, we regret the the growing distaste the public and civil government have on the country's laws. The leader of the Opposition Party, YB Karpal Singh of the DAP, has openly challenged the Chief Justice on corruption, the ordinary man in the street may perhaps be viewed with understanding if the stress is more than atmospheric.

The recent incident of an ex student of the New Era College punching its symbol of authority publicly cannot be viewed with ambivalence. For whichever party your sympathy lies it does reflect the state of affairs of the Union of Malaysia.

Our Prime Minister seems less perturbed while his Deputy is busy trying to win the Bye-Election in Kuala Terengganu where the Opposition is blowing hot over cold rains. We do not doubt the efficiency of the public servants ensuring safety to citizens. In the case of Kuala Terengganu the Police has more on their hands. Despite that we believe they can ensure the safety of our dear Deputy PM, who surely will never need more than the usual security measures.

At another institution, Malaysia's oldest, "Universiti Malaya, student Shah Rizul Ayuni Zulkiply claimed that she received an envelope containing RM100, with a letter purportedly signed by vice-chancellor Student Affairs and Alumni Dr Arzrae Idris. The pro-Mahasiswa group, of which she belongs to, is seen as anti-establishment. There are 41 seats up for grabs in the UM campus elections."


peng said...

Salak, this post packs a mighty punch, in fact several punches. A good aim too!

There's too much anger in society today. Have you tried driving in KL? Road rage is the call of the day, that is if one cannot hold back the anger. And in the blogsphere too. Sometimes you can see ferocious comments hurled at each other, just because someone did not agree to disagree!

The best thing to do would be counting to at least 3? Hoping the anger will dissipate..

Am I off topic here?

peng said...

Hey Salak, you have made it easier fo us to post a comment. Thanks!

Salak said...

I've left post moderation open, peng.

If we cannot move for more change and things stay rigid and rotten, that anger you're mentioning is not going to be healthy. There's a lot of energy in there, constructive as well as destructive. If our "kampung" stays rigid and frigid, we just hope that there will still be enough sanity left to pave the way for a renewal of sorts. It makes no sense otherwise.

BTW, whatever happened to that 'youthy' thingy? :))

peng said...

I see you got that 'Lat' cartoon as your comment avatar! I love Lat's cartoons. You have made progressive changes to your blog, I hope the nation, especially the leaders see the need for positive change.

I must confess I have not listened to the audio of the clip you gave me. That accounts for the non action, ok?

peng said...

Salak, it's a good video you did. I have just posted it, after 'curi-curi' listening to the audio at work! Thank you.

Salak said...


I hope it may come in handy! No lies were created. It's the plain facts!

Look out for the punch! ;))

Salak said...

You know, peng!

You could build houses with all the bricks thrown at you! :))

If not all, with most of them anyway! :))