Monday, January 12, 2009

KT : Away from the wind and the rain ...

A kid sits enthralled listening to the "ceramah" : his elders behind him, no less captivated.

More pictures of the campaign trail at The Nut Graph.


Salak said...

Really must give attention to the kid again! Look at the intense expression on his face, one that belies his age!

And the slippers nicely tucked under to make for a clean seat. What was this boy listening to? What adult thing could interest a boy so young when he might be well glued to a TV set watching cartoons and part of the furniture?

Jong said...

The little fella must be telling himself, "Huhh, when I grow up, I'm going to lead Trengganu forward, and my Kuala Trengganu will be the "City of the Rising Sun"!

We will take back all the oil revenue and bury UMNO/BN in the South China Sea!

Salak said...

You drown them in the sea, Jong!

You bury them in water, they'll float the next minute. You pour concrete up to their hips, then even if they come up for air, they'll have left their feet under and behind! ;)

Of course you could give them the hudud treatment! But that's not necesarry now! :))

Jong said...


Waaa that's grusome!

But what can be worse than for an innocent Mongolian lass Interpreter Altantuya to be C4ed in Malaysia, huh? She came to KL just to collect what was promised and part of the deal due to her in the RM534.8 million in kickback payments they collected from French and Russian manufacturers, in Ministry of Defence deals.

It's most unfortunate, Altantuya met her lethal death in rage of power by
C4 in the hands of well- connected powerful politicians who are still having a free run till today!

shrek said...

The kid must be thinking when is the "cartoon" is going to come on, you know Elmer Fudd Najis. That atatat all folks.
Or perhaps when is he going to get the 'handshake" with RM 50 in the palm. I can go see movie or have a nice meal of nasi dagang.

Salak said...

Haha! That's worth staying up for, shrek!

I have a suspicion that could be a BN ceramah! :))

The two at the extreme left looked puzzled! The guy in the middle looks nonplussed! The two ladies at the right have their arms folded and legs crossed!

If I were a kid I'd do that, too! More fun than watching Daffy Duck! ;))

Jong said...

Yes, hands folded legs crossed and about to puke, right? Enough lies from UMNO/BN!

They are definitely not happy their rights to choice of friends, whom they mix with and where they take friends for dinners are being infringed.

Apparently after they took Raja Petra Kamaruddin(RPK)& Co.,for dinner at a private Club, they were intimidated by Police visit, warning them not to take RPK & Co to the Club for dinner again.

shrek said...

Kid "When are they giving out the Wang Ehsang"?

Adults "What the f...are these people talking about Tell me something new. Where's the money? Boleh percaya kah these people?

Salak said...

There's a fella, at the most extreme left, partly hidden.

You can see the incredulity in his eyes as he looked on utter disbelief! :))

It's a little dark his way - but it shows in the picture!!! :))