Friday, January 16, 2009

KT Bye-Election : UMNO's blind loyalty & unity - their folly!

UMNO's blind loyalty and unity is a folly

UMNO tried to fake a PAS local bulletin. Can you spot which of the two is the phoney and fake paper?



shrek said...

Imitation is flattery of the highest order. UMNO is bankrupt of ideas and so have to imitate PAS.

Salak said...


Have you figured out which is the fake, yet?! :))

shrek said...

East man, see the article at the bottom. Why ask Is Wahid calun tepat?

Salak said...

Yes! Of course!

See the ballot, paper?

I guess their message is not to "cross" the Moon! :))

But why waste money this way? If they had crossed the Moon here, it'd have thrown readers off balance, and believed the printed words!

But that's UMNO!

Jong said...

Guys, I still don't get it!
Still blur lah.

Salak said...

Don't worry!

It's the weather that should worry everyone now!

It suddenly turned round.

Very early morn it was forecast as Sunny! 3 hours later, no good!!!

There needs to be optimum turnout! In the rains, anything over 70% will mean somebody woke up the dead!!!

shrek said...


What happened. See the masthead. In one they pangkah the Ping Pong. The second one no pangkah. Also the follwoing article question is Wahid the right candidate?

Wah MAFREl need to buck up to these naughty tricks.

Jong said...

Hey, hey, ini private citizen punya comment lah, nothing to do with Mafrel. Not volunteering this time, jauh sangat dan CNY dekat sangat, no time.

Terima kasih.

shrek said...

Isn't MAFREL made up of private citizens who wish to see a fair and free election?
Guess private citizens need to inform MAFREL of gthis dirty tricks so MAFREL is aware.

I'm sure theres a MAFREL network.

Anyway KT is not that far. Lagi pun you said you'd like to visit KT kan?

CNY is not for another week.

Salak said...


I guess that could be topic of conversation spilling into CNY! :))

Well, better than talking about the economy which is more than anyone can say!!! :((