Sunday, January 11, 2009

KT PollS - Weather woes and votes

Screenshot of the condition from the Sky Eye

Weather forecasts for the whole week till 17th January. (Weather Underground)

Tough for voters and all party workers for KT Bye-Elections!

The rains are going to stay around well after Polling Day 17th January, 2009. On Saturday 17th January, 2009, forecast is bad for KT.

With precipitation (moisture) expected at 80% it will be a hard rain that's gonna fall.

So get hold of umbrellas, raincoats, ponchos and tall rubber boots and deliver your votes.

If you are not registered, well you can help by selling those items!

In between the rains what are they talking about in KT?

There doesn't seem to be any major problem in racial tension but more of goodwill. There are problems about "rice and sambal". And that's the BN's problems!

"The Chinese and the Malays don't have problems with each other. We're all friends here," he added, upset that some parties saw racial problems within the local community when none existed.
Zaidi Mat Harun, 27, says it is hard to earn a living in the state. “Good jobs are hard to come by, and good salaries harder still.”
"Many foreigners have come to visit my workshop since the Monsoon Cup. But none have ordered any sailing boats from me."
The MalaysianInsider

...meanwhile Sarawak Weather is bad, and flood will hit Kuching again today...

Floods, landslides after non-stop rain

Posted By rajlira On 12th January 2009 @ 00:01 In Local

SERIAN: Landslides and flood waters have rendered useless many major roads serving villages around here, particularly in the Tebedu and Tebakang areas, affecting more than a thousand people yesterday.

The main highway heading towards Sri Aman was not spared either as rock, soil and vegetation came crashing down slopes in landslides that seemed to occur repeatedly off Bukit Genting, while flood waters spilled onto the stretch of road near Kampung Belimbing B. Only heavy vehicles like buses and lorries could pass through.

Traffic came to a halt on opposite sides of the cut-off points nearby Kampung Belimbing B, which is about 20km out of this town.

Many waited in the drizzle hoping that the water would recede; others made a u-turn back to Serian, fearing that they might get sandwiched between the flood water and the landslide at Bukit Genting if they waited.

Among those stranded there was an ambulance team from Sri Aman Hospital.

The Borneo Post team, en route to Sri Aman, learnt that the emergency unit had been stranded there as early as 7am after it had managed to get through the first landslide at Bukit Genting that happened around 9pm on Saturday.

Assistant paramedic Razemi Jol said his unit was transporting a patient to Kuching and never anticipated to get stranded on their way back.

He said on Saturday night itself, the unit could not return because of the landslide at Bukit Genting and could only pass through after Public Works Department cleared the path around 3am.

“We thought things were alright after that, only to be stuck here by flood waters,” he said.

A worried Razemi said he dreaded to think of probabilities if there were more emergency cases in Sri Aman in the next few days when the highway is no longer easily accessible.

Back at Serian, flood waters from the swollen Batang Sadong that submerged several villages along the main Serian-Sri Aman Road, continued to rise threateningly.

One particular casualty was Kampung Hulu. Here flood water rose to more than three feet, causing people to bring out their own boats and begin trans-porting their belongings to higher grounds.

Excited villagers told The Borneo Post that about half of the more than 200 houses there are on low ground.

Besides Kampung Hulu, the flood operation centre at Serian District Office also listed several other villages as casualties of flood waters and landslides.

As of 9.40am yesterday, the villages affected by landslides and flood waters were Pangkalan Amo in Tebedu, Terbat near Mongkos, Kampung Slabi Plaman, Slabi Entukuh, Genting Rasau, Kampung Semukoi and Bukit Birong.

Those affected by flood waters were Kampung Hilir, Hulu, Munggu Limo, Lintang Baru in Panchor, Munggu Kopi, Tanah Putih, Tebakang Dayak, Tebakang Melayu, Kpg Sorak Melayu, Belimbing, Lebor and Remon.

About the same time, evacuation activities were taking place in Kampung Lintang Baru, Panchor Dayak, Kampung Tebakang Melayu and parts of Kampung Tebakang Dayak. Two houses in the Slabi area were also partially destroyed by landslides that occurred close to midnight on Saturday.

At the flood operation centre, personnel from various agencies were all set to go out and help distressed residents.

A spokesperson for the district office said Serian had prepared three evacuation centres - the indoor stadium, SJK Chung Hua School and the Serian community hall - which had a total capacity of 900 persons. Another evacuation centre is Tebakang community hall.

He pointed out that the worst affected areas in Serian were Tebakang and Tebedu with Kampung Pangkalan Amo as among of the first villages to be hit by flood.

“According to sources the water level is rising fast in Tebakang…half a foot each hour,” he said.

He said at Tebakang there were two main villages - Tebakang Melayu and Tebakang Dayak- which had a population of more than 2,000 people.

Tebedu on the other hand had 32 villages with a population of 10,500 people.

The spokesperson urged villagers to contact the flood operation room at 082-874022, 082-874511, 082-874033 or 082-875441 for assistance. The operation room is open round the clock.

Meanwhile, the Samarahan division operation room is contactable at 082-671205, 082-673883 or 082-673834, and the State-level operation room at 082-447934, 082-447960 and 082-492703.


shrek said...

Hope you are on high ground. Don't want you to be swept away and join Bujang Senang.

Salak said...

Thanks, Man!

Quite all right. The neighbors got it but I escaped, being on higher level. Some parts of the City are under water and you have to zig zag to get some place.

The sun came out for an hour or so this morning. The flood water reached my compound drains and yesterday a little seeped through the laundry area. That tripped the kitchen power supply but left the whole house ok: this contingency trick worked but it knocked out the showers! Once had a silly fear that the kitchen would roast us in our sleep! :))

shrek said...

I remember as a kid when there is an election we will anxiously wait for the Information van to come around at a padang near you. They will then show a cartoon movie followed by a Filem Negara Harimau terbang spin movie and then a speech by the candidate.
That was always the highlight in any kampung. It's almost like a carnival atmosphere with all the kacang puteh seller, ice cream seller and the pisang goreng and putu piring and apam balek vendor.

Ahhhh those were the days my friend.

BTW since you say there is wideapread flooding how about Petrajaya and Seri Aman? Were they affected too? Take care and stay dry.

Salak said...

Low lying areas of Petra Jaya are badly affected, shrek, especially in the vicinity of the Sarawak River banks. India Street would be nice shopping in a boat at 5-7pm!

Sri Aman Town might be badly affected as it's by the Batang Lupar, site of the tidal bore. Access trunk roads to and from Sri Aman was partially flooded so communication is affected. You have fuel oil and palm oil tankers plying the road all the way to Miri.

Strangely, I did not get any wind of the potential flooding, which is really forseeable 24 or even 48 hours ahead.

So much for BN government. We get free info from Weather Underground any time. I don't understand why we need to pay those DUDs in Jabatan Kajicuaca!!!

Jong said...

Let BoyGeorge & the Culture Club drive away your woes with his
"Karma Chameleon" :D

Jong said...

A friend on holiday from Australia just came back from Trengganu, said he couldn't believe it, it's like a 'police state' with road blocks everywhere to intimidate the people during this By-election! That's desperate.

What a shame!

Salak said...

["'s like a 'police state' with road blocks everywhere to intimidate the people..."]

That about further verifies the truth in the accusations.

This Farid is a guttersnipe, orang "Parit/ Longkang" . And of course his Boss, is Najib the orang "Najis"!!!

shrek said...

The name says it all Kajicuaca. Kaji only don't need to give out info.
Same with BPR, Pencegah Rasuah, only try to Cegah but won't prosecute.

Be careful Salak, many Perakians are orang Parit i.e. from Parit. Jong will beupset big time. There are many Johoreans from Parit Jawa, Parit Sulong and other parits.

Salak said...

Oops! Thanks, shrek!

That's hardly what I had in mind!

Would that mean something else like a "Channel" or "pari" as in "pari bakar" or something total unrelated to "parit" as in ordinary ikan parit (ray rish?)!

It is difficult to imagine anything less than a total disregard for governance sending some 5,000 policemen for a straightforward job. Then without any regard for a sense of decency, by the same act, spend public money for you personal use and when in fact you shouldn't need it at all. It really is terrible what BN has brought Malaysian life down to. It's a hapless glaring testimony to what the BN and their leaders have descended to, something of a kind of responsibility we might need to share with the electors.

My apology, no offence intended to those associated with a different sense of "Parit".

Jong said...
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