Friday, January 16, 2009

KT : Election abuses

KT Otak-otak : For all the hard work!

Two nights ago Mustafa Ali complained publicly that the National Registration Department might have ben "ordered" to work overtime, the reason being, the potential access to the ID data that's retrievable to raise dead Malaysians to vote in KT.

"Rumours" are out, that KT may see lorries of Civil Servants or UMNO supporters invading the place to vote!

We wish there are news from MAFREL! Wake up MAFREL or forever rest in peace!

Let's hope PAS workers, who did well in the past and are experienced, can stop these unethical practices.

The abusers should be put in Kamunting, so we can throw them shoes, sandals and slippers!!!

Weather - Polling Day

Clouds hang high on Saturday 17th with less moisture. That could spell better with little rain or none at all.

Looks like Sunday is good weather for celebration!

Safety First !

Whoever you are in KT, please stay safe. If you ride motorbikes, don't leave home without your helmet!

Malaysian Safety Campaign - Wear helmets


shrek said...


Saw a news report that huge waves are coming ashore near Kuching. So no surfing, stay out of the water.

Hey no fair, otak otak is famous in Gelang Patah. Didn't know it's also famous in Kuching.

Salak said...

Thanks! Man!

Salak said...

Where on earth is Gelang Patah?!!!

I know we have Bau in Sarawak!

I heard they want to rename Putra Jaya as Kuih Bakul!

shrek said...

Gelang Patah is in Johor.

Salak said...


Johore reminds me of my otak-otak breakfast. I've never had otak-otak anywhere else as good. We get a little sold in Satok Sunday Market you might know about.

But Kuching's otak-otak is a no-brainer! :))

Nothing like it in JB. I was taken to a coffee shop just out of JB once. We had to park away as the place was crammed with the morning - for breakfast or breaking fast! ;)

I really ended up having lunch and dinner for the day that morning! I peeled off otak after otak leaving quite a pile on the table! :))

shrek said...

The Johor otak otak are made to be eaten as a snack while the Penang otak otak is a dish eaten with rice.
Perhaps we need to give more otak otak(plural) to the BN Mins. They seem to have very little of the singular.

Jong said...

Give them which one Shrek?
The Penang's or Johor's?

Penang's Otak-Otak are high in fish protein whereas the Johor ones are ground into rojak paste.

That explains why Penangites sent in the cyclone twisters and were the first to reject UMNO and opt for CHANGE when things didn't look right. Johor electorates meanwhile were contented with status quo.

shrek said...

Give them the Penang, more cosmopolitan. Johor ones very indeginous. Guess the little red dot will soon be buying all the Johor stuff and they will have less or even none. ha ha

Jong said...

Did you hear that, Salak?
You ain't felt the real otak yet until you reached Penang! :D

Salak said...

Ya lah!

My stomache can will that! That Penang otak-otak!

If conditions get worse, those food prices are gonna come down, some deflation, or conditions that have to drive means to get small bizness more liquid for cash!

If we keep on this denial syndrome parents and kids will be clawing at each other!!!