Wednesday, February 4, 2009

His Highness the Sultan of Perak has the last word

BN set to form Perak govt as Sultan defers decision on dissolution

IPOH, Feb 4 – A Barisan Nasional (BN) government in Perak is looking all but certain after a PKR state assemblyman defected back to Umno while three independents pledged their support for the coalition.

Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin also failed to secure consent from Sultan Azlan Shah to dissolve the state assembly in his last ditch attempt to have fresh polls and head off BN's attempt to seize power.

“The decision is now with the Sultan,” Nizar told reporters after an audience with Sultan Azlan Shah.

At a press conference in Putrajaya earlier, Deputy Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced to reporters that Jamaludin Mohd Radzi, Osman Jailu and Hee Yit Foong would back a BN government while Datuk Nasarudin Hashim, who had just two weeks earlier defected to PKR, would rejoin Umno.

“BN now has the majority to form the next government. We will seek an audience with the Perak Sultan.

“BN has 28 seats now, which is equal with Pakatan Rakyat, but we have three extra who are friendly to Umno and BN,” Najib said

He added that the three independent lawmakers had also informed the Sultan in a letter sent yesterday that they had quit their parties.

All four assemblymen appeared at the press conference with Najib.

Jamaluddin, Osman and Hee had earlier turned independent while Nasarudin had defected to PKR less than two weeks ago.

“The situation in the state is critical. I have to make sacrifices,” Nasarudin said when asked why he had decided to rejoin Umno.

The other three did not speak to reporters.

With their defections, it is looking likely that BN will get to form the state government.

More PKR lawmakers are also expected to defect to BN.

Najib said BN representatives would meet the Sultan as soon as possible to seek his consent to form the next state government.

With the defections to BN, the Pakatan Rakyat will only have 28 seats to Barisan Nasional’s 31 in the 59-seat assembly.

Nizar is now resting PR’s hopes on the Sultan in the hope that consent will still be granted for fresh polls.

The PR alliance of PKR, Pas and DAP are confident of winning fresh polls with a bigger mandate.

But with a four seat majority, and more defections likely, the Sultan looks likely to accept BN’s offer to form the next government.

The Malaysian Insider


Salak said...

["...The PR alliance of PKR, Pas and DAP are confident of winning fresh polls with a bigger mandate...."]

Vague reporting by The Malaysian Insider, without quoting specific sources, other than the confidence of the PR in the Post KT Election win, which was very so very evident up till now.

Of course, with BN regaining some confidence, it's left to be seen.

Now, how will PR push for a General Election before or by the March dateline for Najib's takeover of PM's post?

Jong said...

Yes, the Sultan will have the last word but the rakyat has the last say!

As the people's guardian and a former Lord President, Sultan Azlan Shah is obliged to act appropriately and let the people decide which government they want. Calling for fresh election is the only way and only hope for peace in the state and country.

Btw did Abdullah Badawi say he was going to relinguish his PM post? What he promised was not to seek another term for post of UMNO President.

It is alleged Abdullah will remain as Malaysia's
4th Prime Minister.

Salak said...

If he does get stuck to his chair without being UMNO Rez, then he's got the Prez and UMNO snooked! Or C4ed! Or will he?

Salak said...

UMNO Prez not 'Rez'!

Salak said...

DAP frog Hee doesn't look very happy here -

Hee [click]

Jong said...

That political whore, wonder how she is going to face the people who voted her in? Many gave her their votes because they think she being an "OKU" should be given a chance to serve the people but this is how she repays her electorates!

peng said...

Jong, you just said what's at the tip of my tongue. Of course it came with many cursing thoughts too. She is a traitor. Reminded me of Emperor Pu Yi, the last emperor of China who betrayed the Manchurians to the Japanese. See how he ended his life? A nobody, broken and defeated.
If she does not repent, it's an ugly thought what she will receive from the people she betrayed.

I am very upset tonight and I cannot sleep!

peng said...

How I love to wipe that snigger off his face (the one on the far left) with a used baby diaper!
The lady looked like she knows that she will be unwelcome back in Jelapang. Crying some croc tears hoping for sympathy! One unappreciative person with a capital "B".
My apologies, I am being extremely mean tonight.

shrek said...

What say you? Didn't I say BN will take back Perak but without Tajol.
Don't be too upset with that DAP gal. As my previous boss used to say " everything is for sale at the right price"
The three PKR adun are not worth the effort to save. They are a foregone. Imagine saying "mereka sua China Doll so kami terima sahaja" Now they sua RM Mil so we ambil. No prinsip one. So they join the rest of the group bergelumang dalam najis.

Salak said...

Perhaps, shrek, Sultan Azlan might force Najib to get Tajol back on Unity Goernment!?

shrek said...

The Perak royal family is the richest. Royal allowances didn't create the wealth. How many public listed companies are linked to the princes and princesses. How many projects have been secured by these plc.

Salak said...

Yeah! Damn right, shrek!

And maybe soon, they'll be begging for a bailout, too! :((