Monday, February 2, 2009

Perak on the boil - Is there a silver lining?

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What could have been a simple solution of a national referendum over Malaysia's political crisis, now complicated further by the global crisis by holding a fresh General Election, has now turned out into what might be historically gleaned from the anals of Sejarah Melayu in intrigues and sinister plottings. If we are "gemilang" something of a major upheavel will happen in the next 90 days. If we are not, it comes down to a madness of shuffling 6 covers over 12 jars: that we've just gone back to the good old days of Malacca! I hate that tie - it suggests the Portuguese might be back, but they won't as they might have better things to do.

But will China? China doesn't need any more territory. They have more than they can chew right now. In any case, the Middle Kingdom might just come into near reality with a consumer market of some 1.6 billion buyers! Imagine how China entrepreneurs will hit the advertising market ! There's big money there! We might as well make Mandarin our second language. It's one reality we have to cope with once this economy crisis turns a healing.

So what about Perak? It just says BN and Najib are on the war-path! And it could mean some wealth lords in UMNO are panicky. The money crunch will have eaten away at their resources - and all ingregients for a political showdown are there to boil!

Regardless of the little plays of defections from both PR and BN in Perak, Najib (and/or his MyTeam bolasepak) will take no chances and have pushed Tajol Rosli, BN's honcho in the State out of the way.

There were theories that Anwar Ibrahim wanted to ride on the 1998 crisis to churn things out, politically, and sealed Reformasi in then. It didn't happen. Now there's a crisis bigger than 1998. And it might just about lay out the whole scene for Reformasi - Act II. All the known rules of our wealth system are broken. Whatever we have on defection, disatisfaction and non-action are now out to be remade!

What should we say? You could say ... let it boil !


Jong said...

Perak's on the boil it is but nothing's changed today. Looks like it's panic station everywhere - PR and BN, so is Najib and his shrinking balz at the mention of a Perak State Buy-Election which means more money needs to come out or be churned out from somewhere otherwise UMNO/BN needs undertaker service soon.

Jong said...

Yeah the 'political quagmire' in Perak created panic station and much confusion when Perak State Assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar announced the resignation of 2 PKR State Assemblymen - Jamaluddin Mat Radzi and Changkat Jering's Osman Jailu and declared the two PKR(PR) seats vacant.

My question is why was the Perak State Speaker in such a hurry to make the announcement yesterday, on a sunday and public holiday?

and the Star report “Bota branches follow Nasarudinn to PKR”

- Wow big deal indeed! PKR, a party of dissendents from UMNO, like putting lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig, isn’t it? To expect changes or is PKR importing more Trojan Horses into Pakatan Rakyat? Are we expected to believe them and bear with the same category of so-called politicians?

Do we now see a difference - PKR or UMNO? Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat?

Salak said...

Najib and UMNO cannot be allowed to ruin the country out of their personal whims.

We have a country to look after for our grandchildren - these crackos are only worried about their own egos and whims - and a mistaken belief!

Salak said...

It might seem that way, but things must move, and now! The catalyst has been thrown out and things will unfold from now on.

Otherwise nothing moves ...!

Jarod said...

Its either a GOAL from us or a RED card for BN. Its a do or die match. GE-FIFA WORLD CUP FINALE!

Looks like the people are ready to show the BN RED CARD! No?

Clash of titan! Haha!

Sorry, i am in the mood to think of all the great names to be put on for Perak by-election. :D

Salak said...

Yeah, big game and big clash, lah!

Najib got sent off for holding the ball in left end field area. Then Anwar socks it in with a banana kick!

That would be a great game! :))

shrek said...

The Speaker was in a hurry to make the announcement so that the post becomes vacant and will necessitate a bye election. Otherwise these 2 PKReeer will jump and become UMNO assemblyme and in one swoop BN will form the state government but minus Tajol

Jong said...

No Shrek, even with the 2 PKR joining BN, Pakatan Rakyat still holds the majority. The Bota guy Nasaruddin from UMNO has joined PKR, remember?

The Perak State Speaker has made a fool of himself. He should have been more steady not panick and 'think' before such an action afterall Pakatan Rakyat MPs and Aduns were made to sign undated resignation letters soon after the 08Mar08 GE results. So what's the hurry?

Jong said...


Dirty politics! You may be right afterall, Shrek.
I didn't realise that UMNO's Nasaruddin was sent over to PKR as a 'Trojan Horse'! What a sandiwara - in under a week, game's over!

Salak said...

One last remaining act - His Highness the Sultan of Perak, could save the day for Malaysian politics and create an example enobled by the wish of the Rakyat!