Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Sultan of Perak - pupeteers at work behind the Throne?

"We are a legal state government and he (Abdul Rahman) has no right. So, we appeal to the Sultan to dissolve the state assembly to give the power to the people (to choose a new state government) as in this instance, the Menteri Besar has not resigned or been sacked," he said.

Mohamad Nizar said he would go to his office as usual tomorrow and would continue with his offjavascript:void(0)icial duties.

He also urged the people in Perak to understand the current situation and to remain calm as his side would adhere to the laws and regulations.

According to Mohammad Nizar, Article 16 of the Perak State Constitution states that if the Menteri Besar has lost the confidence of the state assembly, a motion of no-confidence could be tabled at a special session, other than dissolving the state assembly.

At the same press conference, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said PR supported Mohammad Nizar's stand and asked that the Perak State Constitution be respected.

"We believe that this problem can be resolved and that the Perak Sultan will give his due consideration."

Anwar also claimed that Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had wrested power in Perak by buying over the assemblymen and issuing threats.

"Only the court can resolve the matter by calling for a new state election," he said and urged PR supporters to be calm.

Meanwhile, PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang who agreed with Anwar's views, said even the rulers needed to follow the laws in a democracy and under the constitional monarchy system.


Some very serious questions must be entertaining the minds of Perak citizens and Malaysians in general. His Highness the present Sultan has not been in the public eye very much for some time now. Some pictures appeared during the 25th State Anniversary but other than that very little is heard of his Royal Highness, who was a highly competent constitutional lawyer but perhaps age is catching up with him.



According to Article 16 of the Perak Constitution, it is irrefutably clear that His Highness' legal role is minimal and to the letter of the Constitution, the State Secretary appears to be exceeding his duties in his purportedly legal instruction to demand the MB to vacate his position or his physical office.

These are very apparent signs of incompetency and bad and malicious intentions reminiscent of the old palace intriques.


peng said...

Thank you for making it so clear for me to understand.

So the urban legend about our nation's monarchy are puppets is not an urban legend at all!

They are indeed puppet on a string.

Salak said...

What may develop next next is there may be a constitutional crisis in Perak!

That's real bad news!!!

It does not make sense the old man being so highly regarded to have acted this way. It's a horror really!

So many questions and many myths might be broken!

peng said...

Rome wasn't built in one day, neither is the Taj Mahal. But it takes just one bomb to destroy both in seconds!

His reputation for being a fair ruler is destroyed with a single 'NO'.

I do not care what's the agenda behind this suspicious deal. The bottom line is, the rakyat's been had big time.

We are now like orphans, nobody to go to for shelter or reprieve. Because all are traitors!

Salak said...

Still need to get our hands on that Constitution, peng! To satisfy ourselves.

TV7 rattles two other articles tonight and we have no way of knowing or verifying! It doesn't we are not lawyers. We can address our intellect to the issue and check out and satisfy ourselves!

shrek said...

That's what happen when ADUNs think with their penis. Also accept China dolls when offered. Now lose balls when BN mentioned MACC.

This is the weakness in PKR. These part time parachute politicians doesn't deserve the trust of the people to begin with. Always in a hurry to make money. Some more give Toyota Camry 2000cc, not enough ahhh. Should have given them the Cowrolla (as in earlier posting)

Jong said...

Birds of feather flock together - SCUMBAGS, royalties are no different either!

Jong said...

"So many questions and many myths might be broken!" - Salak

Myths like "the Sultan is the guardian of his subjects"? That the interests of his subject must be his priority and main concern?

Eat your heart out guys!

Salak said...

I am wondering whether, just a thought, were there really puppeteers, this is THE ONLY way to blow things out in the open?

In any case, were this the real real situation could anything else be any worst???

You can hardly expect the Ruler to go around like the PKR belligerent members, can you???

shrek said...

Situation in Perak between PR and Bn is similar to the calim to the Perak throne. Previously it was rotation between 3 families but by constitutional moves it is now just one family. See the similarities. Now who is the puppeteer.

Perak is now Malaysia's Sesame Street with Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy Hee.

Salak said...

Piggy Hee! hehe!

Oh Shrek, this Hee the She, is a big blow to DAP's staunch image but I bet this lompat bizness will die away into a new strategy lah!

What I want is a new GE and soon! You boleh undi lagi ke?

Salak said...


Great! We need more undi for Sarawak lah! :))