Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Again? Shoed at? Guess who's next !

Wen, too, was shoed! (Wen Jiabao is China's PM)

Shoe attack on Chinese leader Wen Jiabao
Updated 23.36 Mon Feb 02 2009

A protester has thrown a shoe at Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao - but missed.

The shoe landed on the stage about a metre from Mr Wen, who was delivering a speech on the global economy at Cambridge University.
The shoe landed on the stage about a metre from Wen, who was delivering a speech on the global economy at Cambridge University

The protester, who was held by university security guards, shouted "how can the university prostrate itself with this dictator?" and "how can you listen to this unchallenged?", according to witnesses.

A police spokeswoman said the man is being held in custody and questioned on suspicion of committing a public order offence.

The shoe attack was reminiscent of events in Baghdad in December last year, when Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi hurled both his shoes at George W Bush.

Unlike Mr Wen, the then-US President was forced to duck to avoid the flying footwear.

The Chinese Premier, who earlier met Prime Minister Gordon Brown for economic talks, described the incident as "despicable".

The first two days of Mr Wen's visit were marred by noisy protests over human rights abuses in China and Tibet.

Five men were arrested for public order offences outside the Chinese Embassy near London's Regent Park on Sunday.

Mr Brown said a £400 billion fiscal stimulus announced by Beijing will create huge opportunities for British exports to China.

He added: "The strength of the relationship between China and Britain will be a pivotal force in helping us through the downturn and a powerful driving force behind our future growth and prosperity."

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Jong said...

WHOA, hey this is CNY season! Chinese sangat pantang-lah, sial for 3 generation! :D

Jong said...

They(Tibetians-in-exile) should send 'kuih bakul' flying and that will be better shot. Aiyaa, should have sent me a plane ticket, maybe I could have done it better being an ex-Discus thrower! Tibetians are vegetarians.

The Iraqi had better aim at Bush but Bush was too good for him being a former sportsman himself.

Salak said...

["...but Bush was too good ...]

You wonder Jong, if Bush did not practice for it!?

You recall this cartoon[click]!

There was a big dinner once when Bush had his wife Laura crack jokes at him and a professional mimick make fun of him?

If that was in tradition, then the Iraqi shoe thing could well be a set-up! Media magic has very deceptive results! :))

As for the Middle East belief it is supposed to be an "insult", a demeaning act to belittle someone. In Malaysia, as you said, it is "sial" or a damnation or curse!!!

What would be more apt is to use something more interesting like these -

footwear [click] !!!

For discuss thrower, you'd find these more accurate! :))

Jong said...

Those Tibetians-in-exile in UK should have taken in Kuih Bakul(Neen-kuo in Mandarin), into Cambridge hall on pretext of wanting to present it to Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, and definitely make good discus to throw.
Yeah those Tibetians are vegetarians, not enough proteins so cannot produce power throw! :D

Jong said...


Those footwears sure are solid and good for accurate aim but they will straightaway create much 'suspicion'!

Salak said...

You know what is more accurate, Jong?

Golf balls! But it won't get the insult effect! :))

But hey! Imagine the problems at home for Wen in this crisis?

I don't think want to know! :))

Jarod said...

Shoes shoes shoes...
what lah..Sial betul for PM wen... Bet he will frame it up!

PM WEN JB: You see, Bush got, I also GOT! :p

some years back, I bought a pair of shoes during CNY... My grandma SHOOT at me.. why buy shoes... you will be saying "Haih Haih Haih" the entire year... oh yes, i did it.... haih the entire year and continue until now...hahahaah!

FyI, 'Haih' sound like Shoes in cantonese..

Talk about bashing people, my former college friends use to bash people with Flour, then pour cold water on the person, and throw their friend with rotten eggs. how is that? :D

Salak said...


It seems that "pulling the wool over others' eyes" is back in fashion now. The new social culture of politics. But largely it's the new media power that beefs up the hype. But the new communication culture is breaking it all up, ironically - it's faster now to expose a scam, at leas via the web!

Recently, you have this guy socked that college Dr something! How did people take this? All of a sudden everything went quiet again !!!

I had a video done on the shoe and the big nose whack but didn't get any new angle on it!

Jarod said...

ya salak, the New Era coll student really good la.. give a Punch.. but this story is a small matter.. wat matter is Perak Now. In bad mood today!

Salak said...


Hopefully Sultan agrees to Election!

Mere fact Najib says 3 support is not good enough. We must be talking substance and spirit of the law!

I would declare election were I Sultan! It's clean, rakyat decides and drive out lingering doubts!

But I'm not! :(

Can you imagine, if on some other Bill issues the BN Gomen got out voted?

Jong said...

The Sultan should agree to fresh election. This hopping over to BN is not what the rakyat wants, against our wishes!

Is the Sultan the guardian of rakyat or UMNO/BN politicians?