Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Perak - From Tin to Ngar-Choy-Kai


Jong said...

The Silver State should count her blessings and be thankful to the resilience of UMNO's 'pendatangs' who were quick to turn to Ngar-Choy industry to keep the state's economy going otherwise there won't be enough to upkeep their expensive lifestyles and Perak's many palaces!

Salak said...

"...Had Mahathir not meddled with the tin price, we wouldn't have lost 30 years of Tin export income. Perak wouldn't have been relegated from one of the richest states to a poor one like today. ..."Here's one of the major reasons why Perak is in limbo now! Was it visionary? More like a tunnel vision!

30 years of Tin Export Income...there's a lot of lives involved and all for one man's sick ego!

Salak said...

Via Email:Not only that, look what it did to the value of our currency? From the time he took over, the value of our currency has been heading south as the MAMAKbaba and his band of theives salted billions abroad. Our currency should be at least 2 to 3 times higher than Spore's as we have everything including human resource which Spore is utilising to the max ( while we chase the brains put the welcome mat for the unskilled)