Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RTM / Malaysia Ministry of Information - Deja Vous?

Graphics - MalaysiaKini.com

About the only thing the Gomen Media and all "their Private Media" did not do was to have caught Flu Babi. Though many would disagree!

Don't you miss Zam?! And he had said we only had "erections" once every 4 years! We have one every month now. We can't have one daily. At 51 Malaysia is aging!


Anonymous said...

What? Erection every 4 year? Poooor makcik rose! Is that why they need a minyak gambir seller for free supply? Not that I know what the minyak gambir is for!

Salak said...

Natural Gambir is actually good for diarrhea and "makan sirih", helps digestion too, with sirih - an herbal kind of pro-biotics!

Look I'm serious - Check H E R E !With the problems he has now, Zambry might pack a lot of sirih and gambir in his briefcase!

Stay away from him when he starts spitting out!

But what Rais is saying is we should not suppress Gomen's useful info. I'm trying to help - that gambir link is from Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia! See? We help. But BN's Gomen is past help!

Anonymous said...

Do you think zombie's minyak gambir can help prevent the swine flu from penetrating Malaysian environment? Last I heard that the flu detector used for screening at airport sudah kaput? So how? Minyak gambir can deflect the flu, and save the day for najis?

Jarod said...

Boleh tahan ke keep on erection? sudah 51 tahun la,,, Sudah sampai masa tutup gerai lah...

naik apa lagi, turun and bagi PR naik la!!! :D