Friday, May 1, 2009

Workers Day - Check your EPF, just in case !

May Day Appeal

I appeal to ALL Perakians and Concerned Citizens who want to see sanity, political stability and peace back in the State of Perak to come forward and together, let’s make our presence felt at the Perak State Secretariat on thurs 7th May 2009. Let's not allow our children and their grandchildren to think we did nothing, that we just watched "live" on tv as history unfold.

Perak has been and still is without a proper legitimate State Government, close to 3 months now and it has caused grave economic concerns, hardship and threatening the well-being of everyone in the state!

As electorates, we demand that our rights, wishes and views be taken seriously. We are also very saddened and disappointed to note the Sultan’s sordid stand, while most Malaysians have totally lost faith in our courts!

There seems to be too much politicking on both sides of the divide, and a “forced” proceeding of the Perak State Assembly at this point of time will in many’s opinion, not be constructive or at all productive.

Kembalikan HAK Rakyat Perak, that’s all we ask for!

a concerned citizen


Salak said...

Who's crab-walking in Perak?

The Malay and Chinese rent seekers are good friends. Birds of a feather; each needs each other. Their victims are all the other Malaysians - Malays and Chinese whose rentals have been stolen. We still have Malays and Chinese who need each other, more than they had admitted. But the Malayness and Chineseness now have lost their meanings because the crabwalkers would steal even from the Dayaks, Indians and everybody else in sight, including their own grandmothers.

Sim Kwang Yang thinks the Chinese are watching with "cold eyes" those who crabwalk in Perak. But he might not be totally inclusive in that, just about everyone hates the crabwalking and would like to see an end to the stink and sight of the crap! It might also just about move the rest of those hesitating others to converge on May 7.

Jong said...


Have you ever seen royal crabwalk? Come to Perak! These stinking crabs are seldom seen in the open, spend much of their time hybernating under a gua tempurung.

Once in a while they emerge to make alot of noise and crap alot. Don't think Perakians like them at all.

Salak said...

They're not hibernating.

They're just making detailed descriptions of the tempurong roof, before the "ular sawah" come along and wallop them off! :))