Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vigil in Penanti - for Najib's courage in non-contest

SEBERANG PRAI (April 28, 2009)


Jong said...

Mansor said this when interviewed by the press:

" I am the founder member of the party and, was the first and longest serving Penang PKR chief. I have a good track record and an untainted character."

- Whoa, how befuddling, such conceited statement hopes to win electorate hearts?

Jong said...

Big deal, this 'cock of the walk' former professor with three(3) Masters degree and one(1) PHD has a history of losing streak! Hmmmm I wonder..!

Salak said...

If no one wants to speak good of you, Osman thinks it's alright to "inform" and "communicate" the facts which should, by some means, have spoken for themselves!

In Malaysia it's difficult to differentiate facts from fiction. For example, I never knew, there was any other "Malaysia"!

Now we need a prefix "1" and we have "1Malaysia". Do you think we should tell Google Earth? Just in case, that Sheikh Astronaut might miss it, again!

BTW your haram MB is a Phd! You should be pleased with that! Or aren't you? ;))

Jong said...

Yeah that dirty scumbag is "permanent head damaged"!

One LS Kong hentam him properly, said it so well on Malaysiakini's Vox Populi:

"Zambry, that’s a very nice speech (in the interview). Now, the only right thing to do is for you to go back to the people of Perak with that same message and ask for a mandate.

Ask the people to give you a chance to prove that you can deliver what you said.

You can’t do the right thing by doing the wrong thing first – that is simple logic that every man of integrity can surely understand.

Now, here is the chance for you to prove yourself – to prove that you are indeed a man of integrity."

If this bugger Zambry has any self-worth and integrity left, he should immediately resign rather than bring shame to his family and future generation!

Salak said...

Sayang lah!

Such vibrant fler.

I like the way he sold gambir. Take a look!