Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's a sight to salivate

It should be summer. But it's Fall really. Durian is in season in Malaya---durian runtuh!

A sight to salivate for! Who cares if it smells? The whole bloody country smells!

Here's a very simple philosophy---when everyone smells, nodoby stinks!

Honest -go- to goodness of Durians

For every downside. Here's an upside, the honest to goodness of Durians!

If you drink coffee, a lot, you don't need durians. If your skin is bad, it might help. If you only eat meat, no fruits and veggy, its the answer for you!

If you have a thick hide and don't mind it, you won't miss much. ;)

Durian is loaded with Ascorbic acid and Vitamin E. I have no idea if someone has already synthesized its deoxyribonucleid deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). If someone has and not told the scientific community, we do badly need another DNA sample!!!

But the damn fruit is only good for women! The high Vitamin E is good for grooming and make skins younger and smoother!

It might mean terrible nightmares for men! Might as well down a lot of coffee and surf the net!


CT said...


Oooh...I looove durian! Just stopping by to wish you Selamat Hari Raya. Please forgive me if I ever said something that hurt your feeling...Jika terkasar bahasa ma'afkan saya.

Salak, Sarawak said...

Selamat Raya kembali CT!

Moga kita semua sihat-sihat dan beriang-ria di hari yg baik dan mulia. Tak adalah kita nak tersinggung.

Durian nampaknya banyak vitamin E dan ini tepat untuk wanita menyihatkan dan melicinkan kulit dan kelihatan berseri. Tapi terlalu banyak makan semua orang lari!!! :D

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

Jong said...

It's calorie laden! When one seed is equivalent to one bowl of rice(carbs). Yeah, eat and sleep and get "high" during bulan berpuasa kulit mesti licin dan kelihatan berseri, gemok pun :D

After Raya, we may see a few more By-Elections coming our way when the old hearts can't take a beating! Who knows next will be Pekan for us!

Salak said...

Err ... who's for Pekan now?

I thought it's Najib's!

Jong said...

HehehHHee, you've issues with that?
A softspot of sorts? He can go as far as I'm concern, good riddence to bad rubbish to save Malaysia down the chute of doom!

Salak said...

No, it's just the prospects of the bang that precedes and follows it!

I guess many Malaysians needn't go to the dentists but find their teeth falling off ! :((

Pain in gain, I guess!