Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Was Sodomy allegation faked?

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Originally published at Malaysia-Today.net

Aproximate Transcripts

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Tenesmus 1/52. (constipation, tak boleh buang air)
Not noticed any PR bleed.
Pain in the anus when passing motion 1/52.
"0" blood in the stool.
Pt(patient?) was alleged assaulted by introducing H(ard?) plastic into the anus
(---?) (---?) to report.

Page 2
TRO Assault (sodomised)
Advised to go to the government hospital.
Plan to do Police Report

Report written at 14:14hrs [GMT+8hrs] on June 28, 2008 by attending doctor, Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid from Hospital Pusrawi

The Doctor needs to explain the Medical Report he wrote. He is nowhere to be found and is believed to be in hiding due to possible threats on his life, as was the case of PI Bala.

The Police refused to affirm the existence of the Medical Report since the infamous arrest.

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