Monday, July 28, 2008

Tak ada perut? Look at these ...!

Lean & Mean

"Tak ada perut!" in Bahasa means that --- "mean" and inconsiderate. "Lean and mean" is something else. I can't think of an appropriate idiomatic expression in Bahasa at the moment. If you do, please drop a comment.

Yogis believe, other than a sexy figure and looking good, a healthy stomache helps meditation. It may not help "mediation". If 95% of us are yogis, who need mediation? ;)

If you observe that sitting pose in the first picture, you can attain fantastic tranquility. Of course there are other ways. You could get virtuso calm, listening to Sara Chang!.

BTW, she's coming to KL! Please check out HERE!

Will RTM show her performing on public TV? I doubt it. It might give those little boys and girls in the longhouses and kampongs ideas.

Meanwhile, you might want to try pumping muscles for your abs!




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