Sunday, August 24, 2008

The biggest event since Merdeka: Permatang Pauh by elections - BN Governments unethical practices

The BN government of Malaysia led by UMNO profess utmost competence and fairness. They say it all the time. It sounds and looks like fairness and good governance. Like the Lingamgate, that's as far as it goes.

MAFREL (Malaysian for Free and Fair Election) monitoring the situation in Permatang Pauh as the days dwindle to voting hours recorded several wrongful acts, the most serious being the Police being used to intimidate the genral public and the unaccountable postal voters.

How, under the BN, Malaysia has been able to convince global business community is beyond understanding. As we consider this we'd be accused of damning our own nation. We've done nothing of the sort. The BN government is a consummate adherent of Murphy's law---very many of the things it does are not right by Malaysian citizens. It cannot be any more right for others.

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