Monday, August 25, 2008

Permatang Pauh - BN ways of humiliating Malaysians

Vote buying by BN in Permatang Pauh

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This is a touching picture. When you recall hearing the spin of how supposedly prosperous and great and boleh Malayia is; how well known and how high the national reputation is with the world; how creative and innovative we are that we are leaders to some countries---it breaks your heart to see this lady meekly accepting money to put BN into power.

What has BN been doing for her and many others like her all this while, only to denigrade and humiliate her with money for consent to treat her and many others like her for the last 51 years?

We could have done much to restore her pride and dignity.


Jong said...


Don't feel bad, don't even feel sorry for her. She's not as stupid as she looks!
Infact, she took the money and voted for Anwar Ibrahim!

Salak said...

It was so long ago, Jong!

But still, when you come to think of it, who knows, she could have been in such better state but even contributing to efforts such as MAFREL for whose assignment you did a terrific job.

Great feeling to be part of it, isn't it?

Making your personal notes? You should consider!!! :))

Jong said...

Thank you Salak. I tried my best.

It was not too long ago really, just over 6 months. I took the Mafrel assignment as what I would call a "national service" contributing my services to society, putting myself in a non-partisian stand and doing the best I could and knew how.