Thursday, August 28, 2008

DNA Bill - Greener grass on the other side

Anwar, always beckoning ...


The Malaysian BN members of Parliament, except one Datuk Anifah Aman (BN-Kimanis), are so helpless they should realise this malicious and ill-conceived Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Bill may not catch Anwar but they themselves, their philandeering ways and their search for 3 extra wives. If the Draconian Najib and Mahathir could have their ways, they would sprinkle all the BN MPs ribbon acids all over town and they'll be dead ducks.

But, but they won't need to be! It needs only 29 others to protect themselves and every Malaysian from this lanun scurge. Of course they know how to bargain!

No DNA! Or they switch sides. Anwar is beckoning!

The Star Online report H E R E !

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