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D-DAY PERMATANG PAUH: Election status news ...

Air charged but reception for BN lukewarm!

A little prayer...


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21:54 hrs:

The final tally is a majority of around 16,500, according to unofficial sources. On a more sobering note, the simple kampong shopkeeper here says,”We don’t get anything whoever wins, you know.” Ariff, he said, was a nice guy. “He just happened to be in the wrong ‘car’ (party).”


21:15 hrs:
Bangkok Post called it a "landslide"!

Permatang Pauh, Malaysia (dpa) - Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on Tuesday won a landslide victory in a special by-election, marking his return to Parliament after 10 years. Bangkok Post

Wait for the OFFICIAL announcement!

18:00 hrs:
Voting's over and done with. Wait up for news over TV. Make a lot of coffee!

17:30 hrs:
-->Estimated 70% voter turnout at 16:00 hrs

-->SPR estimated more tha 85% turnout while others thought at the most it might be 75%

-->Many have expressed concerns on "hantus" or phantom voters and and some were caught in Mengkuang Ti

16:45 hrs:
At 16:10 hrs Hands down win for Anwar -

About noon, 12:00 hrs KL Post reported situation was shaky for PR. In Seberang Jaya, Arif Shah's DUN area about 20% Malays came out to vote and they were heavy for BN. About 55% Chinese and Indians turned out and an estimated 60% favored PR.

In other DUN areas of Pasir Panjang and Permatang Pasir, KL Post expressed pessimism.

14:15 hrs:
Some 48 per cent of the 58,459 voters have cast their votes by noon today and the Election Commission is expecting a high turnout of 80 per cent for the Permatang Pauh by-election, almost similar to the turnout at the March 8 general election.

Observers note that a high turnout will favour Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as a by-election usually attracts fewer voters due to the fact that many people think one seat will not change the equation of the government.


11:00 hrs: Turnout stated at 30.6%, Datuk Kamaruzaman Mohd. Noor, SPR.

During the recent GE2008, it was 81%


10:23 hrs: "...Superpoorman tells us that voter turnout appears as high as the 2008 general election and Ariff Shah has received a lukewarm reception:

I went to queue up in front of the SK Seberang Jaya II voting centre’s gate @ 7.45am. There were already several early birds in the queue and hoards of reporters. Ariff Shah and his wife and several women walked from his house and arrived there @ 7.50am. He attempted to chat up the voters but their responses were lukewarm. From their expressions and body language it looked as if they were not voting him. Nobody offered to salam him. Even those extended salam by him merely shook his hand and quickly pulled back. Not a single voter were heard uttering any ‘good luck’ wish.

Instead, a Malay man next to me was quite pissed off by Ariff blocking the entrance; I could see this man rolled up his eyes and draw a deep breath. ..."

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