Monday, August 25, 2008

Biggest event since Merdeka: They came from all over ...!

All over the land ... that's where they came from. Those PR supporters! Good lah! Once in 5 years the Makciks and Pakciks can slaughter those literally hungry people and they'll do it in wholesome goodwill. What a drag life will be when everyone leaves...! Plenty of rubbish for the Council to clean up!

And life in Permatang Pauh will be the same old broken promises? Better not be ...! Anwar Ibrahim is not one to have taken the trouble and leave a bad sour taste in the mouth. The BN did that!!!

My take is that this is not a by election. Am I glad when this is all over!

It's a supra General Election. Odd that the PM was not in the forefront when it is the supra General Election. And Najib the DPM is doing all the defence for the offence he meted out. But he's not the BN leader! Or has he always been the shadow PM? The closet leader with a closet full of bones? Or is he part of much bigger wardrobe?

The biggest comment Abdullah made to my mind has been that "Evil" comment he dropped on a blogger! Another who spurns bloggers is Tunku Abdul Aziz in his NST column. He's joined DAP! Without the comfort of the much touted UMNO NST, the DAP had fought GE08 with a lot of blogging! Perhaps Tunku Aziz had been busy for 20 years aiding and inspiring pro DAP bloggers. That would be subtle transparency!

Ariff Shah, Anwar's opponent and team sounded as if he wouldn't have noticed it if Penang Island had sunk! Abject nonchalance! The workers and supporters deserted him and listened to Anwar's speeches and all he could tell us was he is half Chinese, half Indian and no half left for Melayu! And that he's abandoned his doctorate studies!

Let's get this over with and start living again! Inflation is killing! I say! We still got a lot of living to do lah!

This is no small change we started!

We should now be talking big bucks that South Korea and Taiwan made that we didn't.

And let's stop caning migrant Indonesian labor who are direct descendants of many ancestors of Malaysians!

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