Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ahoy! Ship on Fire!

KD Inderapura 1505

This ship cost RM43.0m, second hand, and it cost another RM54.4m to refit. It was built in 1970, used by the US Navy and bought by Malaysia in 1994.

It just got burnt today. Fires occured in the Office and Stores.

We'll be down to 2 instead of 3 support ships. The other 2 are KD Sri Inderasakti and KD Mahawangsa. The Military will now have to place a new order for another ship. France again?

So how is the Bagan Pinang postal voting today? Any news and will they be good news for some?

KD SRI INDERAPURA Sri Inderasakti (1503) | KD MAHAWANGSA (1504)

1 comment:

Jong said...

No fire means no new toys and no new income for cronies! For all we know orders may have already been made out and some will turn millionaires tomorrow!