Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bagan Pinang | Cross counter Cross

The intense campaigning by both BN and PR now witnesses last minute rush to sway voters to either side. The Malaysian Insider reports UMNO has gained dozens of PKR members in Teluk Kemang. PKR on the hand has enticed hundreds of UMNO members. No firm information is apparent in the jumble. Polling is on Sunday 11.

Meanwhile any good forecast is futile in the race to the last day. It could possibly be the last impression on the way to the polling booths that might determine their choice.

While the election battle heated up, some friends out in Seremban today appear to be have been engrossed at the sight of a crocodile in the midst of calmness and serenity at the Lake Garden. While back at Teluk Kemang it sounded like a smackdown.


Malaysiakini has some numbers on the cross-overs:
"...He [Anwar Ibrahim] is also expected to receive 300 forms from former Umno and Gerakan members who want to join PKR.

Meanwhile, Umno and Barisan Nasional candidate Isa Samad received 125 forms from former PKR members to join Umno.

This included former PKR committee member Shahruddin Abdul Hamid, who initially wanted to contest in Bagan Pinang as an independent candidate. ..."


Salak said...

Yeah! Many crocodiles in 9Negeri. They say even a familiar kera is there, too!

Salak said...

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[Salak], the kera natang is is wee bit further south in Rembau lah.

The PAS press conference this morning tell us the chances are pretty good and they are very optimistic overall. So let's all keep our fingers crossed till tomoro. The counting should be over early as there's only abt 13,000 voters only. I will most probably drive back home to Sban tonite cos there's nothing to do tomoro as we cannot campaign or even show any party symbol in our clothes, etc.. Jong will have to decide if she wants to come home with me or return with Jarold or Melvin tomoro but i will go home in the early hrs after the midnite ceramah is over.

Heard tickets for hi tea with Azizah at 4pm and another with Anwar at 5pm are all snapped up. We will chill out at the PD golf club to wifi and makan till tonite's ceramahs. ..."

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