Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bagan Pinang | Bias, incompetent and malicious SPRM

"The condition does not apply to political parties as they enjoy a national status. Only state-level organisation aspiring to become a national entity needs to have seven members from the states."
- Datuk Md Alias Kalil, Registrar of Societies (ROS) Director-General [Bernama]

The Chairman of Malaysian Election Commission (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia) on 6th October ordered Police to take down posters and banners of opposition parties of the Pakatan Rakyat, PKR and DAP, as acording to him such acts were illegal as the Pakatan was not registered as a Coalition under the Registrar of Socities Act.

ROS on the other hand came out with a different interpretation of the Law and says this does not apply to political parties.

On the 6th October, Tan Sri Dato Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof rubbished PR's protest on his actions sending his officers and Policemen and taking down all the posters. These materials cost a lot of money which, unlike the BN, came from the donations of members and supporters nationwide. The BN, despite having huge unknown resources didn't even pay up their campaign materials used in previous elections.

This so-called Chairman of SPRM is a rogue public servant and should answer in a court of law his dumb actions and malicious acts against the opposition.

I would sue and labor for costs and expenses, the annulment of the election result and the dismissal of the bugger. He should rot in jail!


peng said...

Yes rot he should, but meanwhile he's having the last say again...

n another development, Wan Ahmad denied that an allegation by PAS that there was duplication in the Bagan Pinang electoral roll.

“We had checked the electoral roll against the list handed to us by PAS on Wednesday.

“Maybe the duplication was found in the public list outside Bagan Pinang constituency. We will check on that after the by-election,” he added.


What the heck, "We will check on that (duplication) AFTER THE BY-ELECTION'!

If there's fraud, do you think SPR will declare the by-election as null & void? Maybe, if PAS wins!

Jong said...

I am suspicious! Is there a difference between the two Federal agencies? I like to think there still exist good sincere civil servants with conscience. They have to do better, put in a little more effort to convince me!

Salak said...

They could petition for annulment and do a repoll. Costs a lot then though!

The outcome may not be good as there is confusion even in the Judiciary anyway. Malaysian Federal agencies usually act as though they are some hired agents to spy on the citizens who actually pay their groceries!