Monday, October 5, 2009

The Sarawak Rajah, who wears no clothes

"I have stated openly that I could step down (as PBB president) anytime, but the party asked me to wait first, so I've left it to the party to decide."

Meanwhile at the same function, Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Alfred Jabu, who is also PBB deputy president, said the party members gave their full support to Taib to continue leading the party.

- Datuk Amar Tan Sri Stephen Kalong Ningkan's Sports Hall, Betong.
Monday Oct 5, 2009 (Bernama)

Bagan Pinang (DUN), Negeri Sembilan - some video snippets


Jong said...

Those two Sarawak SOBs are scratching each other's back. No shame lah, they want to stay forever in power!

Jong said...

Nizar singing his karoke song in Mandarin? WOW, not bad, at least he tries! He's the people's MB and Perakians really love him.

Salak said...

Pity we couldn't hear him in Gantang but we found the little Nizars anyway. He's got the flair plus the zest and discipline driven by earlier training. But his speeches are a far cry from the UMNO guys like the goblok or glokal whatever! :-))

Salak said...

Only way to dislodge Taib is to do what he does, but that won't get far. In any case the Feds will be behind him. So its back to square one - get the Feds.

The unfortunate result of his localising things is the mistrust sown on all Malayans from the average Sarawakians. But that's what the UMNO boys stand for - disseminate mistaken beliefs against the wrong adversaries.