Monday, October 5, 2009

Post Raya blues

Raya in the kampungs stretch up to a whole month. It's those moments when you just have to meet relatives or very dear friends. Not all will have this luxury now. You have school fees and groceries to keep up with. And, despite what Bank Negara says, prices are rising. Dr M complained salaries and wages are low in Malaysia. That's what I like about the Old Man. He can't say no to the return of workers unions. Even our Policemen need a union to bargain for reasonable salaries. Here's my friend's experience of an encounter with the traffic Policeman who might have a dose of post Raya blues.

This morning, driving back to PJ from home I was stopped for speeding.
Here's what happened..

Me: (wound down car window, and got ready driving license)

Police: (approaches my car) Boss! (gave me a big smile - must be anticipating a big fish here, ready to slaughter!)

Me: Saya ini bukan boss lah! (smile)

Police: Awak ada bawa laju ini?

Me: Huh? Tak tahu? Saya jalan 110 saja... Berapa laju?

Police: 24km dari sini, di Tapah awak bawa 115.. macam mana?

Me: Sudah salah, saman lah (smile)

Police: Boleh bayar saman? RM300 untuk speeding..

Me: Bayar lah, ini kereta company, saya bayar sendiri lah.. (smile)

Police: Tak boleh belanja minum ke? (smile)

Me: Tak boleh.. (smile and shook head)

Police: Belanja sikit minum..

Me: Tak boleh (smile and shook head)

Police: Ok, saya lepaskan awak.. (returned my driving license)

Me: Terima kasih, encik (big smile)

I always refused to bribe my way out of being issued an traffic offense summon, and most time I am let off (exception of one time I had to pay a RM100 fine, which was discounted to RM50).


peng said...

I think the city folks are also into the month long celebration. I just received an sms invitation from my neighbor for her raya open house this Saturday. I hope the rendang and lemang are still in stock!

Next time, I will keep a packet drink in the car. If the police ask me to belanja minum, I will offer the drink. Do you think that will work?

Salak said...

What a fantastic idea! :-))

Another friend I know keeps a dozen bottles in the car boot and they don't seem to need replenishing. One of these days, you might get a retort which might go like this,

"Terima kasih, Cik! Air hujan banyak !!!"

What can you say, except perhaps,

"Err ... Datuk! Sekarang manyak jerebu!"

Watch out, though and contain your anger. Some Policemen do only drink susu! ;-))

Jarod said...

Might as well pack susu, kopi dan air mineral????

Belanja minum can be at Mamak as well. Let us invite them over. Then a bunch of us corner them and complain banyak banyak....