Saturday, October 10, 2009

IS SPRM really doing IT'S JOB?

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 11:14 AM, AO wrote:
"...actually we still pray for a miracle cos man propose but God disposes.. v get different signals all the time. some say the indians will take all the money and vote bn while others say, they take but vote pakatan, let's hope they do the wise decision for their children's sake!

I heard there are 3 more state seats going for by-elections soon too. One of them is in Jempol in 9Negeri too. Seems the candidate here is terminal cancer. Actually, 9Negeri narrowly became Pakatan cos we weere short of 3 seats saja. So lets keep our fingers crossed. ..."

It's very noble for Malaysian politicians to serve their country in government, whether its for ruling party or in opposition. We can't go on having these by elections. It's almost monthly. The real business of government is like a sideshow now!

One of the criteria SPRM should really consider for the contesting candidates must surely be proof of good health!

As it is now, we should have had a General Elections yesterday!

For the malicious act of taking down the opposition banners and posters, the Chairman of the Election Commission should have the decency to resign when he didn't know how the ROS laws should operate!

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