Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bagan Pinang | "Akhirat for ISA SAMAD"

After winning the UMNO party elections for a Vice President seat in 2004, Isa Samad, the current candidate for Bagan Pinang had the gall to say:

"Those who took my money and voted for me it is good. Those who took it and did not vote, we will see each other later on the 'akhirat' day (day of
reckoning)". - MalaysiaKini

He was punished by UMNO's discplinary rules and banished from the post for 3 years. UMNO doesn't believe in the country's Judiciary which couldn't touch him.

Would he do it again? Won't he?


peng said...

Would he do it again? Won't he?

I believe that once a thief, always a thief! All right, I may be too harsh to judge in this manner, but let's put it this way.. 'an unrepentant thief will continue to steal, and even go on to rob and murder!'

Salak said...

Let's see if PAS can send him to "Akhirat". They could dangle him up one Pinang tree! :-))