Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bagan Pinang | Ghastly BN campaign acts

Salahuddin rejects Police allegation that the seriously injured PAS campaign,
heavy slashed, story was untrue.[PC Jalan Pantai, 10-10-2009 | All Pix by Jong ]

BN has resorted to extremely unethical campaign tactics, harping on Najib's old picture visiting Nik Aziz, PAS Spiritual Leader, when he was hospitalized early in the year. Is Najib praying for the leader's speedy departure? One Mongolian girl had disappeared mysteriously, her remains found, literally in pieces , killed by a C4 explosive from the Malaysian military.


peng said...

Please remove the billboard picture!
It gives me the scares seeing a ghastly (or is it ghostly) figure in white standing next to the one bending down! And the clown on the right sure looks like he lost some teeth!

Anyway, one good gesture does not undo all the bad lies.

Salak said...

Aha! So you noticed! :))

See if I can blow up that picture. Something is written all over the veneer.

You know wrinkles are not that horrifying, come to think of it! They're more ... I don't have the word for it! Yet! :))

Salak said...

Got it! Ooi, peng!

Here's your P I X !

Not you lah! The pix you want!

peng said...

My goodness!
Was that a 'before' or 'after' photo?
Or she did not pay the fella for the job?
Now I have nightmares and insomnia! Dreaming with my eyes wide open!

Salak said...

When you read some Shakespeare you do get ideas! ;))

peng said...

Those witches looked tame compared with the figure in white.
Give these three a good scrub off those dirt, and they even looked decent!

Salak, if you did note realize, it's in those eyes.. for one's eyes reflects what's in one's soul.

Jarod said...

hahahaha! She look so fatty bom bom...

hey. I thought Najib is visiting some old Aunty..never see clearly that it is Nik Aziz....

haih yo... like that also can ah...

want nik aziz to go fast so he can rule the country without Pas disturbing? Or perhaps he can take over PAS and work alongside after NIK AZIZ gone? He can dream.

Salak said...

"...This huge poster was truly BAD TASTE and TAK MANIS. Let's hope this is backfire and make the Malays here mad with BN's distasteful act.

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