Saturday, October 10, 2009

MCA | Democracy works?

Say what you like about MCA's position in the BN or the nation, democracy seems to work. They've demonstrated what it means to resolve internal party disputes and they may be able to move on.

Will they move on and help make meaningful contribution to the process of democracy in Malaysia? If the same situation has occurred in UMNO, the Malaysian Navy left with only only 2 support ships would have been involved!!!

The full report at Malaysiakini ...


Salak said...

Maybe Chua Soil Lek should zip up? ;-)

peng said...

Not after countless rounds of washing their dirty undergarments in public... pollutes the community!

Yeah, something good did come out of this, they set a new fashion trend.. wearing their underwear on the outside and they think it is fashionable!

I don't know about you, it's an eye-wash or I need an eye wash!

Salak said...

You sure there was washing? Some BN leaders just don't seem to wear anything ! :))

Salak said...

"...As a Chinese, I dont blardy care how MCA turns out, who their corrupt leaders are and what course they are charting. They are all sef-serving corrupts and are IRREVALENT.

Bye, bye MCA, we care not if u die.

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Salak said...

I have some qestions.

There are so many cases yet to see the light of day.

Would PKFZ ever see the light of day had it not been for OTK's involvement? How was he ever a factor?